About Synthetic Sod

Synthetic Sod Saves Water…And Never Looked So Good

Get All the Advantages of a Beautiful Lawn Without the Hassle

Synthetic Sod
Be a solutions provider to your customers. Think outside the box and offer your customers something practical, yet different. Ask your customers, “Do you love the look of a lush, green lawn but are you worried about water usage, or the maintenance that comes with the lawn?”

Benefits of synthetic sod include:

  • No watering (desert climates may use little water for cooling)
  • A beautiful lawn all year round, no matter the weather
  • No fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides
  • Low maintenance and upkeep
  • Reduce carbon emissions from mowing and edging
  • Incredibly durable

Synthetic sod gives you all the benefits of a beautiful lawn without the constant hassle of watering and mowing. Learn how to take advantage of this growing market segment at Aqua-Flo. Come in and get educated by one of our knowledgeable team members. Our team members have undergone extensive training and can help you get going in the right direction with this sought-after drought solution.

We stock a full line of synthetic sod products and each of our branches is equipped with a great display that allows you to see, touch and get a true feel for these high-quality products. We even have samples that you can take to show your clients. Don’t miss the boat on this opportunity to expand your business.

Visit or call Aqua-Flo Supply to learn more about Synthetic Sod today!