Drought? Are You Saving Your Clients Water?

As we continue through this dry period, water agencies are preparing for reduced water usage.  Although local agencies have not yet enacted restrictive measures, if this dry spell continues, variations of water restrictions will come.  The EPA estimates that nearly 60% of residential water is used outside for landscaping.  This type of water usage is usually the first to be rationed.

Be proactive.  Water-saving products and solutions exist!  Get educated and use these water-saving products as a selling tool to your new and existing clients.  Use this opportunity to help people save water…and GROW your business!

If you are interested in learning more about this plethora of water-saving products, come into any Aqua-Flo or email us at sales@aquaflo.com to set up an appointment with one of our experts.  We’re here for you.  We’d love to help you help your clients save water and money!