How Hydretain® Saves Water

Root zone “moisture manager” keeps water available for plant use.

Hydretain, is a patented water management technology designed to conserve water, reduce irrigation costs and protect plants from drought stress in between periods of rainfall or irrigation. Containing a unique blend of hygroscopic and humectant compounds, Hydretain captures moisture vapor in the soil that would otherwise be lost to evaporation, reducing plant watering requirements by up to 50% or more.

Once applied, Hydretain is drawn toward plant roots along with water and nutrients. Where water and nutrients are absorbed into the root, the complex Hydretain molecule is stopped, forming a thin film along the root surface.

As gravity, transpiration and evaporation work to remove water from the soil, there comes a point when liquid moisture is no longer available to plant roots, yet humidity or moisture vapor remains in the airspace between soil particles. Unable to utilize moisture vapor, it is at this point that plants begin to experience the early signs of wilt and drought related stresses. As evaporative forces draw this vapor upwards, it comes in contact with the Hydretain film. This film attracts the water molecules (hygroscopic) and stores moisture (humectant) as microscopic droplets on plant roots. By supplying roots with microscopic droplets in between periods of rainfall or irrigation, Hydretain will minimize or even eliminate the effects of drought stress, while reducing the demand on water resources.

You can check out the Hydretain website here.

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