Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting – The Only Way to Go!

Landscape Lighting has evolved and we are now in the era of outdoor LED lighting. Aqua-Flo shines when it comes to landscape lighting, and over the past five years Aqua-Flo has sold more LED lights than any other distributor in our area. Early on, we saw the benefits of LED lighting, and from the beginning have partnered with the leading LED manufacturers to provide our customers with premium quality LED fixtures best suited for the Southern California landscape. Along with the finest selection and highest quality LED fixtures, we have invested in over 1000 hours of LED training for our team members so that we have multiple experts in our Goleta, Santa Barbara, Ojai, Ventura, Moorpark, Santa Clarita, West LA and Torrance locations.

The benefits of outdoor LED lighting are numerous.

Energy Efficient – LED lights can generally save approximately 75% of the energy when compared to halogen lights. This results in lower energy costs, longer fixture life and better environmental stewardship by the owner.

Longer Fixture Life – LED fixtures can generally last 40,000 to 50,000 hours compared to only 2,000 hours for halogen fixtures. LED fixtures don’t burn out like traditional lights; instead they dim over time, so even after 40,000 hours most LED’s will continue to illuminate.

Cost Effective – Because LED’s use less energy, the owner usually ends up saving money over the life of the lights. Less energy output allows for a smaller transformer, smaller gauge wire and easier installation. These product savings, along with the vast energy savings can create significant overall savings to the owner of the lights.

Environmentally Sound – In addition to saving energy, LED lights can have other positive impacts on the environment. Because of their long lifespan, there is no need to continuously buy and discard bulbs. Also because of their longevity, the need to replace whole fixtures is not as great, thus reducing the amount of discarded material.

Pleasing Light Colors – LED lights come in multiple Kelvin temperatures, thus producing the desired light color for each situation. LED’s are available in a warmer, yellow light as well as a whiter, cooler light. In addition, colored disks can be added to further customize the light for the desired effect.

Our experts are here to assist you. In addition to our in-store knowledge and expertise, we can also offer on-site lighting demos so that you can see the light output and experience the ultimate and dramatic effects that LED lighting can have on a landscape.

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