Cutting Edge® Grass Seed

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As sustainability in landscapes becomes an increasingly relevant issue in lawn care, Cutting Edge® Grass Seed provides a solution that helps eliminate the need for excessive fertilizers, chemicals, herbicides and pesticides and reduces the overall carbon footprint created by turf maintenance. Cutting Edge® Grass Seed is specifically designed to significantly reduce water consumption, fertilizer applications and mowing frequency all without sacrificing a lush, deep blue-green beautiful turf.

Cutting Edge Grass Seed 44lb Bag

44lb bag
Covers 11,000 sq ft

Cutting Edge Grass Seed 22lb Bag

22lb bag
Covers 5,500 sq ft

Cutting Edge Grass Seed 5lb Bag

5lb bag
Covers 1,250 sq ft


  • Cutting Edge Organic Seed Coating™
  • Hydration and Mycorrhiza Package™
  • Premium Kentucky bluegrass and other top-performing seed
  • STOP Constant Watering, Fertilizing and Mowing
  • Can grow roots up to 48” deep – drought tolerant
  • Endophyte enhanced – helps resist insects and improves overall stress tolerance
  • Rhizome enhanced – helps promote robust horizontal growth of roots to crowd out weeds and crabgrass
  • Self-Repairing – helps to fill in bare spots
  • Gray leaf spot resistant
  • Salt resistant – can tolerate higher salt environments
  • LEED Certification – can help you earn points
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Cutting Edge® Grass Seed is available at any of the eight Aqua-Flo Supply locations! Click here to find the store nearest you.