Saving Water with a Smart Rain Bird Sprinkler System

With a smart Rain Bird sprinkler system, you have the opportunity to get significant savings on both your water consumption and water bills each month. If you’re a giant institution such as the University of Texas-Austin, though, this translates to millions of dollars and gallons of water saved each year, based on a report by YNN (Your News Now) writer Dan Robertson, who told the story of the university’s success in upgrading its irrigation system.

The upgrade cost a whopping $2 million, but the improvement turned out to be worth every penny. What’s the estimated savings that UT is making each year? It amounts to over $800,000 and over 10 million gallons of water conserved, figures that were normally lost due to broken sprinkler heads and an average of 25 leaks that used to take much longer to repair.

In this “little city inside a big city”—as Austin water department’s Mark Jordan dubbed the university— there are about 125 acres of landscaping being irrigated by over 30,000 sprinkler heads. Leaks and damage, as could be expected, used to take a long time to notice, isolate, and repair, sometimes even taking a minimum of one month to be resolved completely. With the new smart system, identifying and addressing these kinds of issues take only minutes now, and maintenance workers no longer have to go through any of the guesswork they had to do before.

The automatic system is able to accomplish this because it can monitor and control the flow of water. The moment the instrumentation detects abnormal water flow—signifying the presence of leaks—it shuts down the problem area, enabling workers to get to it and repair it without further water loss. Aside from this feature, the smart system also monitors other factors such as weather and evaporation rates, and uses these data to optimize the irrigation schedule. Overall, these functions are what enable the smart system to save the University of Texas a lot of money.

Currently, other universities are studying the system and looking into how they can implement the same structure within their own campuses. It’s not only universities and big corporations that can benefit from a smart irrigation system, either; you too can ease your water consumption by getting your own smart Rain Bird sprinkler system from Aqua-Flo Supply. The implementation may be smaller in scale, but the savings will still be significant.

It is all too easy to use up too much or too little when it comes to watering lawns of any size, but with tools such as smart sprinkler systems, this problem is obliterated. Try to install your own automatic system today and you can join the ranks of homeowners and organizations that manage to save money and the environment at the same time. You’ll see; it’s worth it.

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