Water Storage Tanks

Norwesco water storage tank for residentialReduce the impact of the drought with your own water storage system! These systems allow you to collect rainwater for later irrigation use, giving you the opportunity to greatly reduce your public water usage.

Aqua-Flo Supply is now stocking water storage tanks from Bushman and Norwesco, in a large variety of sizes perfect for any residential, commercial, or government project. These black or green tanks limit light penetration which in turn limits the growth of algae, keeping your stored water fresh longer. Water storage tanks are made of a special resin which meets FDA specs for potable water storage, so they could potentially be used for an emergency water supply.

Bushman and Norwesco water storage tanks can connect directly to your rain gutter system, effectively channeling all the water that flows from your roof into the storage system. Tanks can be connected directly to your irrigation system, making using your collected rainwater a simple matter of switching a valve.

Water storage tankSo how much water can you save per year? For example, Santa Barbara gets an average rainfall of just over 17 inches per year. That means a 2,000 square foot home in Santa Barbara has the potential to save up to 20,784 gallons of water per year! So not only does a water storage tank reduce your reliance on public water, it can also quickly pay for itself by reducing your monthly water bill.

Visit or call an Aqua-Flo Supply location to learn more about how a water storage tank can benefit you, and help the environment!