Save Water through a Rain Bird Sprinkler, Win a Trip to Texas in November

rain-bird-launchesHow does the idea of lessening water waste, lowering water bills, and winning a trip to Texas in November sound? If anyone is up for accomplishing all three of these, there is an opportunity for them to do so until October 4, 2013. Rain Bird, a leading manufacturer of irrigation products and services, is running a contest that will send three winners to the Lone Star State if they prove they have used the company’s pressure-regulating machines to save water.

The contest is part of the Project PRS Challenge, an initiative to educate irrigation professionals and homeowners about the benefits of using pressure-regulating irrigation systems and components. By using a pressure-regulating stem (PRS) found in various Rain Bird sprinkler systems, individuals can control the amount of water that is distributed on lawns and other large landscapes. This results in decreased water usage at these sites, which in turn leads to lower water costs for the property owners.

A number of established irrigation product distributors attest to the efficiency of Rain Bird sprinklers and components. In a project for the University of Texas-Austin, the manufacturer’s drip irrigation technology was used to water the university’s 125 acres of landscaping. Although the project cost the University a whopping $2 million, it resulted in savings of around $800,000 in utilities and more than 10 million gallons of water every year.

Contractors, distributors, landscape architects, and even homeowners can join the Project PRS Challenge contest. Participants only need to visit a dedicated website, where they should share data and photos about a site where they installed a Rain Bird PRS product. Every other week as the contest goes on, the company will choose a winner based on the amount of water savings earned from the product. The winner will receive $500 in credit that can be used at their local Rain Bird distributor.

After the contest concludes, Rain Bird will choose the top three winners with the most water savings. In a press release on the company website, Tom Kundrat, product manager for Rain Bird’s sprays, says that the company will fly the three winners to the Annual Irrigation Association Show in Austin, Texas on November 6 and 7, 2013. There, the company will announce the sole winner of a free trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

As of August, Project PRS has already recorded water savings of up to 57,530,846 gallons. Even after the contest ends, Rain Bird and other irrigation system professionals will continue advocating for the installation of systems that save on water and other utilities.