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A special article featuring one of Aqua-Flo’s drip irrigation products:

Tapping Rain Bird Drip Irrigation Technology to Keep the Grass Green

The University of Texas is working to make more efficient use of water supplies by installing an irrigation system worth $2 million all over its main campus in Austin, TX. The university has 125 acres of landscaping to deal with and has 30,000 sprinklers to do the job.

Climate change is already wreaking havoc on the planet, with temperatures rising slightly. This often results in more extreme weather patterns, such as hotter temperatures in places that have been slightly cold even in the summer, and the drying up of places with lush scenery because of incoming drought. This underlines the need for irrigation supply companies, such as Aqua-Flo Supply, to come in with solutions for watering target areas thoroughly while conserving water, like what UT is doing and what systems like Rain Bird drip irrigation can address.

Drip irrigation is a type of irrigation where the water system slowly applies the liquid to the plants and soil. Campus landscape services manager Markus Hogue said drip irrigation, along with xeriscaping, actually augment the university sprinkler system to help reduce outdoor water usage, which can save up to 12 million gallons of water and around $800,000 in utilities. A water solution specialist can look at the subject area and recommend which devices can adequately cover it, such as sprayers and foggers.

Occasionally, things can get terribly awkward when you are running a water network like those at UT-Austin. Hogue said there have been times when a sprinkler broke down and it took hours before anyone noticed, sometimes prompting the department to close or activate the entire network to find the leak. An irrigation system contractor may ease the problem by setting up a central monitoring interface with a connected sensor grid; breakdowns in one section will result in automatic water cut-off only to that area.

The expertise of the irrigation specialists you choose for a large-scale project may not be limited to water supply. UT-Austin also implements xeriscaping, which reduces the amount of irrigation water seeping into the soil. The contractor will be able to provide low-water products such as synthetic sod.

It takes much effort to manage a highly intricate irrigation system in places like University of Texas-Austin, whose green environments are conducive to learning. A provider of Rain Bird irrigation systems such as Aqua-Flo Supply can help you do the same at your own place to save on water and, consequently, money.

Image of irrigation sprinklerAqua-Flo Supply carries all the irrigation supplies you’ll need for your next project. Browse the product categories below and then come in or give us a call!

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Drip Irrigation

  • Drip Tubing
    • .700″, .940″ & 1.189″ Poly Drip Hose
    • 3/16″ & 1/4″ Drip Tubing
    • In-Line Emitter Drip Tubing
  • Drip Tape
    • 5mil & 8mil Tape
    • 4″, 8″, 12″, 16″ Spacing
  • Drip Fittings
    • Insert, Compression & Locking
  • Drip Filters
    • Wye Filters
    • Screen & Disc Filters
  • Emitters & Sprays
    • Pressure Compensating Drip Emitters
    • Drip Emitters
    • Shrubblers
    • Bubblers
    • Micro-Sprays
    • Mini-Sprinklers
    • Spot-Spitters
  • Valves
  • Punches
  • Pressure Regulators

And more!


  • WiFi Controllers
    • On Point – Water Sage
    • Hydrawise
    • Rachio
  • Weathermatic
    • SmartLine
    • SmartLink
  • Irritrol
    • Rain Dial
    • Total Control
    • MC
    • Junior DC
  • Toro
    • Evolution
    • DDC
  • Hunter
    • Pro-C
    • I-Core
    • Node
    • X-Core
    • XC Hybrid
    • IMMS Central Control
  • Rainbird
    • ESP Series
  • Accessories
    • Flow Meters
    • Handheld Remotes
    • Weather Sensors
    • Soil Moisture Sensors
    • Wireless Communication Accessories


  • Irrigation Controllers
  • Automatic Irrigation Valves
    • Brass & Plastic
    • In-line & Anti-Siphon Valves
  • Gate Valves
  • Ball Valves
  • Valve Boxes (Plastic & Concrete)
  • Backflows
    • Febco
    • Wilkins
  • Pressure Regulators
    • Wilkins
    • Honeywell Braukmann
  • Water Meters
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Check Valves
    • Spring & Swing Check Valves
  • Irrigation Wire

Sprinklers & Sprays

  • Pop-Up Sprinklers
    • Hunter Pro-Sprays
    • Toro 570 Series
    • Rainbird 1800 Series
  • Rotors
    • Toro
    • Hunter
    • Rainbird
  • Impact Sprinklers
  • Fixed Arc Nozzles
  • Adjustable Nozzles
  • High-Efficiency Nozzles
    • Toro Precision Series Fixed & Rotary Nozzles
    • Hunter MP Rotators
    • Rainbird HE Nozzles


  • Pressure Booster Pumps
  • Pressure Tanks
  • Pump Controls
  • VFD Pump Systems
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