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February Updates from Aqua-Flo

Looking Ahead to a Busy Spring

Hoping 2024 will be as great as last year? Get going on your plan to make it happen!


Set goals. They keep your team motivated, your momentum strong, and your leadership satisfied. Results goals track the “bottom line”. Activity goals measure progress.


Upgrade your technology. Commit to learning new green-industry software and hardware. It’s all gotten exponentially better in the last 3 years. The best thing from software: you’ll actually bill for all of the work your team does.


Clear out the clutter. A streamlined shop, office and storage area make everything more efficient. Turn junk into cash. Learn the 5S process.


Grow your recurring revenues. It’s time to get serious about expanding your repeat services, and introducing new add-ons for current clients. Ask us for ideas.

The Team at Aqua-Flo Supply


Join Us for Lunch with Aquaphalt in Santa Clarita, Tuesday, February 13

Discover how to make asphalt repairs in just 3 easy and fast steps with a demonstration of Aquaphalt. We'll have lunch, FREE swag and prizes. Watch quick demos of how Aquaphalt is an amazing problem-solver. On the event day only, we'll be offering Aquaphalt for a discounted price of $48.00 per bucket.

The event is at our Santa Clarita store, on Tuesday, February 13 from 10am to 1pm.

See you there!


Tool Time! Replenish Your Tools Now for a Busy Year

Getting organized for the busy season ahead?

Don't forget to take inventory of your tools. What's worn, broken or needing replacement? Do you need more durable pro-grade solutions? We offer contractor-smart products from top brands.

We have all of your spring tool needs including shovels, grading rakes, pruning tools, tampers, trimmers, mulch forks, wheelbarrows and much more. We can get you the exact styles and features you need.  Special orders are no problem when you ask now.


Channel Drain Made Easy: NDS Dura Slope

NDS Dura Slope Trench Drain system incorporates contractor-friendly features that make it easy to install on both residential and commercial applications. It replaces costly concrete drainage products without sacrificing strength and drive-over compatibility.

One unique feature is the built-in slopeavailable in the channels. These create a 0.7% slope that ensures the channel empties even when installed perfectly flat.

Dura Slope’s lightweight, modular sections allow for easy installation and quick assembly. Grooved connections allow the sections to snap together without adhesive. Built-in rebar supports hold the channel stable during concrete pour. Pair Dura Slope with standard, specialty (including narrow slot opening) and decorative grates to achieve required load ratings. Let us know your aesthetic requirements so we can recommend customer-pleasing options. Radius couplings allow Dura Slope to match to curving and circular applications, great for curved paths, patios, pools and running tracks.

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